what's a post Engagement photo shoot?

Charles and Debby got engaged in January 2020 in the OBX on Jockey's Ridge. They scurried around and got things planned for a wedding back in the OBX for April, 2020 - everything from the invites to the pastor, photographer, caterer, wedding beach site and flower arch were in place and then BOOM! the entire county shut down and there was no traveling in or out for non-residents.

They backed up and punted and had a very lovely ceremony in Raleigh - exchanging a sandy beach setting for an outdoor sanctuary in the trees.

There were no engagement photos, so they dressed up in the clothes they would have been married in on the beach and gave it a whirl in 2023 with us!

Shoot Day:

Because we know them so well :-) we tried some different shots - with a frame in the sand and through the "eyes" of a crystal ball, flipping their image

(Joye was on her belly in the sand for these)!

About 15 minutes before sunset, we all jumped in the vehicle to drive the 5 miinutes to the Sound from the ocean to catch the sun dipping into the water. We had to be nice about an older couple driving slowly so missed a bit of the sunset (always leave yourself extra time!)

but ended up with some sweet shots on the dock.

You can't hide that love!

Location: Southern Shores, OBX, NC

Thank you to The Kitchen Salt House for offering such well-appointed, spacious accommodations for our beauties to sleep and socialize and prepare for their photo shoots.

Thank you to our couple

charles and debby

We could never have pulled off such a spectacular weekend without the most amenable models.

You and this weekend are forever in our hearts

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