Midland, South Dakota Country Church

One of my favorite things about road trips is “brown signs”. You know the ones I am talking about…they tell you where all the cool stuff is! It was such a sign as this as I was driving through South Dakota that brought me to this beautiful church.

This lovely church sits off interstate 90 in a little place called Midland, South Dakota. It is here that you will find the original 1880 Town. This little tourist gem has several original and authentic buildings from 1880-1920 and this church is one of them.

The church stands proudly at the end of the street, white and weathered, as if still holding court to a bustling group of cowboys and others that helped shape the west.

St. Stephens’s Church originally stood in Dixon, South Dakota and was built in 1915. It was relocated to this spot years later and remains the center and one of the loveliest buildings in the town.

As I stood photographing it…I could almost here the whispers of those who were there before me…