Faith and Friendship - OUR Story

Once upon a time,

Kimberly Joye Hinson and Debby Steiner

met in Elizabeth City, NC at

Pasquotank Elementary School in the late-70s.

Full of vim and vigor, they were both cheerleaders for the Yellow Jackets

and dancers with Miss Holly.

But they had NO idea at THAT

time how much alike they were.

Both raised by gentile, blue-blood, wannabe mommas,

hard-working daddies and as single children.

Here comes the incredible continuing SAGA

of two women whose friendship blossomed,

forged with the fire through faith.

Midway through this plot, they decided it would be quite novel to use their talents and heartfelt desires to make a difference in a photography partnership.

You've already read Joye's

History of Her-Story

so now let's see what these two can do together.

Kimberly Joye Hinson

An only child of a NC State Trooper and a homemaker, Joye was known in high school as a funny, full-of-life athletic girl - but you didn't mess with her! Small but mighty, weighing barely 100 pounds dripping wet, she never backed away from a fight. The girl could hold her own, too. Just ask someone from NHS class of '87 about the library incident!

Graduation, first jobs, boyfriends...all came next. She really wanted to start a family, eventually getting that wish only to lose her first beautiful baby girl, Shelby. She felt this was God's way of slowing her down and reprioritizing her goals. She healed and was later blessed with Abbie and Jordan, her second and third children, always knowing their big sister was looking over them from heaven. Work, family, her kids, and moves and travel around Europe and the States completed her.

God played a huge part in her life since her Daddy, Wyman, and her Momma, Peggy, were strong believers. They came from long lines of Christian people and brought her up the same. This faith got Joye through so many difficult challenges, propelling her to pass this down to her sweet girl and feisty boy.

Deborah Marie Steiner

An only child of a Systems Analyst at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard and an organist, Debby was known in high school as a theatrical and dancing girl. Always in at least 4 dance classes, 2 plays, academic clubs and her job at Pizza Inn at the same time. She would take a lot of heat but eventually...just ask anyone from Mr. Fonville's class about the Ronnie incident!

Graduation, a move to New Orleans, then a move to Kodiak, Alaska, where nothing was going on in the 90s except fishing. Two years later, she'd uprooted to another island home and was blessed with Jacob and 3 years after that, Heather. They were her pride and joy, so when her Dad, Dwight, and her Mom, Evelyn and stepdad came to Hawaii to see them, she was overjoyed to share her two happinesses with them. Work, church family and her children completed her.

God also played a huge part in her life, having made Himself known to her early at Happening, a weekend retreat for teens. Both her Grandmas were such true believers, their examples helped her set her compass on True North, which she needed so much in the years to come.

Who Started our Stories

Joye and her Momma, Miss Peggy, cuttin' up with cute hats

Joye and her Daddy, Wyman, before his recent honor flight

Deb and her Momma, Evelyn, socializing with folks after church

Deb and her Daddy, Dwight, after shooting in the gun shop

Who Fulfilled Our Stories

Joye's Crew

Jordan and Abbie, Joye's growing kiddoes

Young Abbie, Joye's second, sweet, baby girl

Little Jordan, Joye's youngest, feisty, baby boy

Jordan and Abbie, almost all grown up!

Debby's Crew

Heather and Jacob, Deb's blueberry-eyed babies

Young Jacob, Deb's oldest, growing boy

Young Heather, Deb's youngest, wild-child, baby girl

Heather and Jacob, almost all grown up!

Our Blended Storylines

No, the kids didn't pop out of nowhere,

Immaculate Conception-style,

but let's just focus on the men who came into our lives

who brought the love, stability and consistency we needed most.

Perfect?! Heck no!

But they are good husbands, in so many ways,

and we are both so fortunate to have them.

They also added some other "fulfillment",

not without complications and not perfect - what blended family is?

But our focus remains on what God is doing and can do

through us to impact these other human "beans" positively.

Joye and Mitch's Fairytale

In the beginning...

...back in the day...

...blended "bliss" - the originals and the bonuses...

...still together after all these years, moving forward together...

Debby and Charles's Fairytale

Married 2020, professional shots by Joye 2023 - still happy...

...started with a prom date in '85, back in the day...

...blended "bliss"...Deb's bonus kids, originals and a son-in-law...

...making a new life together after all those in between years...

Meeting in Philly for a bite to eat, we discovered a mutual love for our children, traveling and God.

Our in-person meet sparked our friendship forward in new directions.





But it wasn't until 2018 that we met in person again.

But darlin',

whatever happened

to GREECE 2019?!?!


We NEVER cause a scene or

draw attention to ourselves

when we're out together, nooooooo....



The Shelby Trip

where we narrowly

escaped death from

murderers and

roofied drinks








Continued shenanigans in Tennessee...

...and in North Carolina

One of Joye's high school besties, Kim, came up in conversation one day - these two were inseperable and have stayed in touch closely through the years.

But things have not gone so well for our friend - in fact, when Joye goes back to town, she always visits to be sure she's ok.

Her heart is so big for Kim, she was trying to figure out what she could do to help and make her feel like her old self again, that happy-go-lucky girl in the past.

Joye and Kim during a photo shoot back in 1985

We got to talking about these photos and how Joye had been branching out,

taking more portraits of people recently

and wondered if a photo shoot would help bring up Kim's spirits.

The shoot hasn't happened yet but we are hopeful.

In the meantime, we've made this type of thing happen for some other friends, also from high school, with great success:

The 80s Ladies OBX Weekend!

Joye: So this is where we decided to join forces...

Debby: Yes, your care and concern and willingness to go WAY above the call of friendship really got into my heart. I told you I'd like to be a part of whatever you decided to do. Unfortunately we couldn't talk Kim into anything, YET, but it spurned our desire to empower women in particular.

Joye: And things grew from there...

Debby: With a little seeding and watering from us, God began to make the thing GROW.

Deb enters stage left for Joye to tell HER story

Debby: It really started with you telling me you'd done your own boudoir session - I wanted to do the same! You offered to come to me in North Carolina to shoot it, and I certainly trusted you to do it! We rearranged the entire house and shot a boudoir session. NO I AM NOT SHOWING THOSE IMAGES HERE! The gallery in on our website and my hubby has his book and that's THAT! We are modest women, but like to make our hubbies happy, too, after all! But it sure did feel great to express myself in this sensual way, and you made it effortless. Just sayin'!

Joye: Not showing mine either! But I felt the same empowerment after my boudoir session, and it felt good to capture myself at my age now, feeling frisky and free.

Debby: RIGHT?!? After the success of this session, we had the bright idea, probably over drinks at the Pimiento Tea Room, to fill your current online gallery with photos of...ME! With an outdoor shoot in Tennessee in the springtime. This immediately got my creative juices going - remember all the photos flying back and forth asking you which outfits I should bring? Of course, I do nothing halfway and loaded the car to the brim with outfits, accessories, hats, shoes and boots, props and ALL the jewelry! You nearly fell out when I got to your house and we needed to bring it all inside!

Joye: yeah, you never come in with one bag...and this is when I realized you'd be a very good stylist and more of my business wheels started to turn. We could see our vision taking shape.

Debby: Based on the images and how much FUN we had (oh yes, you DID get me into the stream, didn't you?!), we were onto something. We could do this for anyone and give them the same confidence boost.

Storybook Start

Now that we had "Church Girl", "Gypsy", "Bohemian",

"Mother Nature" and "Fairy" Galleries,

Joye had the brilliant idea of inviting several of our friends from high school to the OBX for a photo shoot - they'd be our models so we could fill the galleries, we'd get a super fun weekend out of it, and they'd have some killer updated shots to share with their family and friends and on social media.

We would choose their styles to create galleries based on our vision but ask them to bring their own favorite outfits, too.


And that Chronicle Continues...NEXT MONTH!

We'll tell the OBX blockbuster in a separate blog because the weekend went spectacularly well

and we were able to publish sooooo many more galleries.

OUR PLOT thickens ...

Similar to a proposal, at one point Joye asks Debby if she'd like to officially be her partner...we'd determine exact roles but be equal partners in this new endeavor. Debby says YES!

We moved forward to the OBX weekend, blasted past it and ALL the HOURS of edits Joye had to put in - HOURS!!!

Debby began work on administration, marketing, website re-creation. HOURS!!!

Sometimes we make mistakes.

ALL the time we give our own-selves a harder time about mistakes than the other would ever give her,

yet we are so forgiving of each other and have learned so much about ourselves as individuals and friends.

With God at the heart of us, we're becoming the women and business partners He intended.

Staying Grounded in OUR Faith Story

Inspired by knowing God wanted to be in the middle of our friendship and business, we began a daily Bible reading through the Bible App, then chose our first BIG GIRL Bible Study together: Beth Moore's Esther. All we can say is WHOA! What an impactful study for two women wanting to impact other women!!

Continuing on in HIS-Story

We get so excited every time our new Bible study book comes in, we send pictures to each other! Our newest study, Beth Moore's Daniel is stretching us personally in its first half, then we'll get to study the prophetical portion which correlates to Revelation next. So exciting!

Holly Wright came on the scene in Elizabeth City in the mid-80s like a storm! She was immediately famous because she had been crowned Miss Virginia 1980 and married into one of our nicest local families. All of us girls wanted to be like Holly, she was a bubbly warm spirit, so encouraging, loved outwardly and on purpose. Her dance and teaching skills put our little town's dance school in the top echelon of performance. And did we ever give the audiences what they wanted!

Joye ready for recital

Holly performing in a

Miss America Pageant

Debby posing for dance photography

Our Holly Story

Then true to form, and in beautiful, classic style, Holly re-entered our lives 30 years later to instruct us again - still teaching us to be more than conquerors, our best selves, with a little weight loss program - and boy did we ever give the audiences what they wanted again!

See!?! We've done just about everything together?!

Supporting each other all along the way.

Unbiological Sisters that God always wanted us to be.


Ok, well to be fair, there were a lot of changes -

and no more so than with our


Side Spiels

Joye's happy place is anywhere in nature or on top of a mountain

Joye shooting

Debby shooting

Debby's happy place is on the ocean, either boating or fishing or drinking :-)

We have a BOB story too

Other than our Daddies and hubbies, our hero and inspiration is Bob Ross - a military man who exchanged the stress of this world for happy little trees - his art reminds us of the beautiful landscape images Joye captures and we know there are only happy accidents!

“Ever make mistakes in life? Let’s make them birds. Yeah, they’re birds now.”

“There’s nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend.”

“Go out on limb. That’s where the fruit is.”

We don't laugh because we feel good,
we feel good because we laugh.

Bob Ross

Our Not-So-Tall Tails


Deb's low rider

Houston and Frankie

Joye's babies


Joye's sweet boy


Abbie's baby girl

On Account of Business

Whiteboarding plans for our OBX weekend in Joye's home office in Tennessee in August '23

Opening our Business Checking Account together in Knoxville November '23

Adding Abbie to the Narrative

Abbie proved herself invaluable during our OBX trip.

Her input and insights into posing, shooting, wardrobe, styling pulled us together in a more complete way.

She wowed our high school friends and was deemed an honorary "EAGLET".

Given her feedback about the weekend, as well as marketing and advertising suggestions moving forward,

we could see so many great ideas coming from this little spitfire!

We got down on one collective knee, proposed she partner with us, and she said


Abbie and her family

Rigby, her BABY

Abbie and her sweet hubby, Matt

And let's not even get (now) into the story of Abbie's changing hair.... :-)

See you next time...


September 2023

/ Southern Shores, OBX, NC

September, 2023

/ The Kitchen Salt House, Southern Shores, OBX, NC

September, 2023

/ Elizabethan Gardens, Manteo, OBX, NC