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Kimberly Joye Mullins

I am a landscape and portrait photographer, living my best life in Tennessee. My love of photography began over 30 years ago when I began delving into my family history. The old photographs of my ancestors drew me in and gave me a sense of belonging. The desire to learn more prompted me to travel around the world visiting the places they had lived and I was awestruck by the beautiful scenery that surrounded me. Needless to say, my passion for photography extended to landscapes. My bucket list is always full of new adventures and imagery!

Why do I do what I do? The world is full of interesting people and beautiful places. I want to help you capture your own unique style and story and share with you through my photography some of the amazing world that we live in.

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Debby Wells

So, have you ever found yourself wondering after a lifetime of working for others, "What did it all mean?" I found myself there in 2021 after the death of my Mom, something Joye and I share. We got to talking about how short life really is and how much we felt for a dear friend of ours whose life just kept throwing her curveballs. Joye wanted to do something to make her feel confident and beautiful again. It had to have been God who laid it on my heart to ask her if we could go into business together: for the very purpose of doing this not just for this friend but for anyone God would put in our way. So here we are. Her 30+ years of love for photography and her sweet daughter, teaming up and hoping to make you see yourself and loved ones in a novel, unexpected and uncommon way. Or, just maybe, the way you've always seen yourself, in a new light.

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Abbie Mullins Gross

Otherwise known as "Ashley", I joined this Team after our whirlwind OBX trip in 2023 when Joye and Debby asked me to be their second shooter and BTS everything. Their love for bringing out the best in anyone sunk deep into me that trip, and I haven't looked back. Now, I not only am available to shoot and help behind the scenes, I'm an integral contributor to our future plans and marketing ideas. I'm the one who thought of adding photographing pets and our free service of taking images for end-of-life shoots! My little fur baby girl, Rigby, knows this about me but shhhh don't tell them ... I have a better eye than both of them! I'm a dedicated wife to Matt who is ALL about his hair and can be scared more easily than a kid in a haunted house. I'm looking forward to meeting you and helping to capture YOUR story.

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Available for hire in tennessee, the research triangle and triad areas of Nc, florida and beyond. Previous travels include england, jamaica, canada, hawaii, alaska, and all lower 48 united states. Contact us for a travel quote.

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