Have you read our blog "Your Story in Focus"?
The latest installment, "Our First Conference Story" is the tale of when we attended the Imaging USA conference in February 2024.

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About Us

We believe there is beauty in all people and things.

Mostly people, but they're complicated, so also dogs and cats...and NATURE!

And your story, like everyone's, is worth telling and seeing.

Because it's likely very unique and we'd love to learn about it and you,

because you're interesting to us.

We want our images to reflect your best.

Because, usually we ALL want to do that, show our best - and we see you that way BEFORE you ever step in front of our camera!

Let us tell YOUR story in focus and give you an experience

you've never encountered before.

What does that even mean?

Well, we make sure your vision is something we can accomplish, and we want our vision to satisfy your needs too.

So we collaborate on the phone, we FaceTime to "meet" you ahead of time,

we set up a shot list with your favorite ideas and our best brainstorming to come up with a game plan for a most unique photo shoot.

So when you finally take that first anticipated look at your images,

the entire experience comes back to you,

knowing we cared enough to give you OUR and YOUR best.

More About Our Mission

We are a documentary-style/story-telling photography and people business,

based and formed in faith and friendship.

Our desire is to make you feel extraordinary and enhance the natural beauty

already within you.

We have a dream.

This is our calling.

Believe us when we say (from experience):

we understand the assignment.

We are about focusing on you

and telling your story.

We support healing, empowerment, transformation and reconciliation.

Our Story

Learn more about Kimberly Joye by clicking on her photo

Learn more about Abbie by clicking on her photo

Learn more about Debby by clicking on her photo

For our own success to be real,
it must contribute to the success of others.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Caramel colored dog with pacifier sitting on a bed, named Wrigley after the stadium, looking at camera with puppy eyes

Free End-of-life

Petography Sessions



Here's Where We Spill the Tea

on Some Favorite Sessions

Enjoy Our Featured Landscapes

What Our Amazing Clients Think of Us


“These are AMAZING!! I got so emotional looking at them! Please tell Joye that I absolutely love them and you both did such an amazing job bringing my vision to reality! I can’t thank you both enough! Please stay in touch! I’d love to see more of the stories/visions you help others realize!! - Danielle”

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We care about our Community's Story

Featuring: Focus Ministries

We were recently "found" by this wonderful organization, FOCUS Ministries,

and attended their 25th Anniversary/Birthday Celebration IN STYLE on April 11th.

These faithful gals support women who are re-integrating into

life, society and the workplace after having been incarcerated.

We feel like they're our sisters from other misters because our

Daisy Lane Images tagline is "Your Story in Focus"!

Seems like our focus is in the same place: uplifting and encouraging women!

Check out the pics in their Instagram post - we're in there!!

Photos or it didn't happen!!




Shop our stunning landscapes

Shop our stunning landscapes

Our Landscapes on your wall will transport you to new places

Our Landscapes on your wall will transport you to new places

Once you've chosen your favorite images, visit our store to order prints, cards, framed portraits or wall art, including many state-of-the art mediums, textures and fine art finishes -
yes we offer it all!

visit our store
visit our store



When will I receive my photos?

We can promise you will receive your gallery 4-6 weeks from your session date, but sometimes we're so excited about them we get them finished faster - just depends on how many we are editing. Please be patient with us - this, besides capturing the images, is where the magic happens - and you know you can't rush magic!

How will I receive my photos?

You will receive a link to your online gallery from which you may download and share your purchased digital images. You can DIY here on our website or ask us for help in making your choices! Do we offer prints, you ask? Of course! Let us help you choose these as well!

How many photos will be included in my gallery?

The number of images you receive from your collection will be based upon the package you purchase, typically between 5-15 digital images unless we're shooting your wedding. Then you'll get a LOT more!

Do you help with posing?

Heck yes, we do! All you need to do is show up and our photographer and stylist will work with you to pose you in comfortable, authentic, and flattering ways to capture your best angles, the best lighting, and the absolute most attractive versions of you or your family/group. We've been there! We know how awkward it can be but also how to show you in your best light, literally, and make you feel like a pro by the end of your shoot!

Can I print my photos?

Absolutely, you will have printing rights to the edited images
you choose for your package. We want you to enjoy them for years to come! And let us know if you'd like prints, we specialize in helping you choose sizing and frames for your walls, too!

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Available for hire in tennessee, the research triangle and triad areas of Nc, florida and beyond. Previous travels include england, jamaica, canada, hawaii, alaska, and all lower 48 united states. Contact us for a travel quote.

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